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SuperEncryptor - Unduh SuperEncryptor, versi

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SuperEncryptor is a powerful professional encryption tool. TT provides the safest way to store your information or sensitive data and protect them against malicious or unintended intrusions. SuperEncryptor is designed to be easy to use with a nice and friendly interface. If you know how to use Windows Explorer, you know how to use it. Main functions: File Encrypt, Hide Encrypt, Encrypt to EXE, Hide Folder, Password-Protect Folder, Lock Folder, Hide Partitions, Add Items to The Right Mouse Menu, ..., etc. Characteristic features: 1. It can encrypt files of any type or length. The encrypted file can be used without decrypting by SuperEncryptor. Double-click the file, then a password input box will popup. After putting in the correct password, you can open, edit or save the file. After closing it, it is still in encrypted state, and there is no need to encrypt it again. 2. It applies password protection to folders. With password, the folder can be used without decrypting by SuperEncryptor. Double-click the folder, and a password input box will come up. Only by inputting the correct password can you open it and it is still in encrypted state after you closing the folder. There is no need to encrypt it again with SuperEncryptor. 3.You can select a key disk during encryption. In this way, even if others get your passwords, without the key disk they are unable to decrypt your files. Moreover, an key disk can free you from memorizing the passwords. 4.You can specify a file as password. In this way, the encryption is fortified and you needn't memorize the password as well. For more features, please visited our website.



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